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How you can use CBound

CBound can help you navigate the recruiting process, or help you decide where to walk on to a college sports program.

We believe that parents and athletes can direct their own recruiting process, communicating directly with coaches. To make the right decision on where to play sports, whether as a recruited athlete or not, you need information. CBound gives you a quick way to the information a school has posted that's useful to athletes and parents.

CBound accounts are free. You can look up schools and save your favorites. You can post comments about a school's sports program, receive messages from those who read your comment, and send messages to others who post comments.

CBound's Membership gives you free access to resources to learn what happens during recruiting. The resources give you the right information to make the right efforts early enough and within the rules.

Easily Find Useful Info Schools Sports Program

  1. Who is the coach and how to email or phone him or her
  2. A link to the school's sports program Web page
  3. A link to this sports Web page
  4. A link to the team's roster
  5. A link to the team's schedule
  6. A link to the coach's Web page
  7. A link to recruiting information the school has posted
  8. And basic school information: full name, location, and athletic association

Track the Programs you are Interested In

During the time leading up to your decision, you'll want to keep your knowledge about a sports program up to date. Coaching changes, roster changes, wins and losses -- there are many things happening that could be useful to know.

CBound is a simple, no nonsense way to keep track of teams. You can save a list of schools in CBound's MySchools feature.

Get Insight into a Program--Info Available Only on CBound

You can see what recruits and other parents are saying about a school's sports program in the "Comments" section for a specific sport at a school.

CBound's messaging feature allows you to send messages to someone who has posted a comment. Communicate with other athletes and parents. Sometimes the best information is something they wouldn't post but will tell you privately!

The school's alumni and fans may share information about the school's traditions, the players in the past, the triumphs, and the storied defeats. They might add helpful details, such as what offense is run, what the low-down is on the new coach, and other things. What you know can count!

You may even learn from the coach! Coaches use CBound to easily look up information on the schools they are scheduled to play, and sometimes use the comment feature to provide useful information.

How do you start?

  1. Register for a free CBound silver membership.
  2. Go the CBound Schools page
  3. Simply look up the schools you are interested in.
  4. Add them to your CBound MySchools.
  5. Then add a comment to a school. You're part of the CBound community!

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